Thursday, December 31, 2009

Funny, I'm still alive

A year has come and gone. I don't really think much of the new year. To me, it's just another day. The birthday, now that's my new year. That's the time when I think back at everything I've done and gone through and then decide if it was worth anything. I feel that this year has been a great one for me.

I've been to three Off-Broadway Musicals. Les Miserables, that crappy one about... Vietnam? It's based off of Madam Butterfly. Miss Saigon, that's it! And Wicked, which was by far the best.

I have become infatuated and beyond with Rachel. Good times there.

I have nearly completed my third novel, this time with more words! And plot twists!

I was just selected as the Officer of the Quarter at work. Premium parking for three months and a cool plaque!

I got a bed. And a couch. And a tv.

I drove through the worst blizzard of my life and survived without incident.

I was diagnosed with Narcolepsy. Had my first episode of Sleep Paralysis about a month or two ago.

I started playing Magic: The Gathering.

I bought one gun, and was gifted another, and awesome one from my father.

I gained nearly twenty pounds.

I made some good chili.

That's about it. It's just been great, even with the bad parts. Everything seems to be falling into place, not that I haven't worked for a lot of it, but it's almost like the universe finally got sick of me being so boring all the time. Though, I suppose I am still boring to some people, like that douche at work that hates his life so much that he has to insult my own. Poor dude.