Saturday, April 30, 2011

Day 29: A song that gives you the creeps

Man, I'm such a visual person that this is a really difficult one to figure out. Songs don't stay with me. In the same sense that I don't listen to music to focus my emotion, I don't carry them with me afterwards. I don't often get a song stuck in my head to the point of frustration. I focus on songs that defy my expectations, and even focus on songs that fulfill all of my expectations (It's just as rare both ways).

So I have trouble hearing lyrics in songs and a lot of trouble remembering lyrics after a few months away from it. I think because I'm so good at short term memorization (got me through high school) that I can memorize a song in choir, or how I can memorize a script for a stage play, yet I couldn't tell you even a single line from a play that I was in years ago.

But songs that have well-defined aspects of my life are uncommon and very intriguing. The following song does not creep me out, but it illustrates very well what it was like dealing with depression during college. It almost creeps me out how easily I can link parts of my college experience with parts of the song through metaphor. The end of the song always makes me sad, but it's a positive kind of catharsis that I need once in a while.

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